Our IKIGAI is to bring food creativity to society. No limits.

Let it out is a versatile international team headed by PhD. Jordi Ballester that creates and manages veggies concepts for tomorrow's consumers.

Creativity powers the sum of research, development and innovation.

Sensitivity and curiosity make the difference between food and The Food.

Tomatoes are all around us

The exact quote is with "love" but in this case applies the same


Jordi Ballester Valveny

Tomato connoisseur.
Jordi has a PhD in Plant Genetics
Former Global Head Biotech Services Nunhems (BASF) and Product & Business Development at FITO. Creator of Monterosa and Nippo tomato concepts.
Actually Managing Partner at Let It Out Food Creativity S.L.

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Casa de Camp 44
08340 Vilassar de Mar
Proud patron of the CELLBITEC foundation