We have neither a mission nor a vision, but a strong belief that children will eat better tomatoes at an equitable price and farmers will be empowered again.

Creativity powers the sum of research, development and innovation.

Sensitivity and curiosity make the difference between food and The Food.

From farm to fork.


The Food chain is an interactive ecosystem where products, money and information flows

Living and interacting in the food chain you can gain insights from the environment, vibes, trends, opportunities, risks and a lot more.

Tomatoes are all around us

and so are we

Jordi Ballester Valveny

Tomato connoisseur.
Jordi has a PhD in Plant Genetics
Former Global Head Biotech Services Nunhems (BASF) and Product & Business Development at FITO. Creator of Monterosa and Nippo tomato concepts.
Actually Managing Partner at Let It Out Food Creativity S.L.

Our steering committee is composed of experts in the agri-food ecosystem who advise us on scope and direction, because the sun can come out any night.

They meet periodically in Barcelona to discuss and taste tomatoes.

Research & and innovation around the SEED.
It's the link that unites the knowledge of different disciplines of life sciences taking care of our health, improving our food and understanding our DNA.

Driving and promoting research to fight cancer and degenerative diseases based on principles founded in vegetable seeds.


A mother plant helps guarantee your long-terms growing goals.

The primary source of genetic material for the production of high-quality offsprings.

Vertical farming


Indian crops in Barcelona


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Proud patron of the
CELLBITEC foundation